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What usually happens in a CranioSacral Therapy Session

At the initial consultation a full client history is taken. The client is also asked if there are any specific areas or issues they would like to focus on.


The client, who remains fully clothed, lies comfortably on a treatment table. The craniosacral rhythm is monitored at various points on the body to detect any potential restrictions or imbalances.


Feedback is sought from the client as to how their body responds to the delicate manual techniques used to help release any restrictions. Imagery & dialoguing techniques may also be used to facilitate connection with particular areas of pain or restriction.


A session can last up to an hour or more. What each client experiences is as individual as they are and is usually different each time. Common sensations include warmth, cold, pulsing, softening or relaxing, in specific areas or generally, as restrictions in the system are released.


Sometimes, along with the release of restrictions in body tissues, there can be an accompanying release of emotional energy or somatoemotional release. This is not unusual and is considered a very healthy and therapeutic response.


The Therapist professionally guides and supports the client throughout, to facilitate the best possible therapeutic outcome.



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