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'True Nature' - Dual Therapist Treatment Sessions

- for babies, young children, sensitive children & their parents

I also treat babies,  young children, sensitive children and their parent(s) in speciality dual-therapist treatment sessions, along with another Advanced CranioSacral Therapist,

Mags Fitzgerald (


In our experience we have found that babies and young children are so closely connected, both physically and energetically, to their primary carer(s) that it has the greatest therapeutic benefit to treat Mum (and/or Dad) & Baby together.


This physical and energetic connection can also be felt by older children who are highly sensitive or who have special needs as the ongoing requirement from their parent(s) for support, on many levels, remains. Indeed the requirement for support can also extend to other siblings, meaning the entire immediate family can potentially benefit from being treated together.


What we often find is that when a restriction in the Physical or indeed the Energy System of one family member is held, it can be mirrored, repeated or accommodated in other family members, and most often in the mother. When you think about it logically it makes sense that the Mum (and/or Dad) will be doing their utmost to support their children. Additionally children can also support their parents, at a non-conscious and sometimes conscious level.  A skilled CranioSacral Therapist can identify these physical and energetic holding patterns and potentially release them. When they are released in one, they can be released in all. Like a symbiotic relationship what affects the one, can affect the many.


In order to treat any child in a complete and holistic way, and to facilitate the optimum therapeutic outcome, it is ideal if the parent(s) and indeed siblings in some cases, have the opportunity to be treated at the same time. In order to facilitate this we use at least 2 Advanced Therapists (and sometimes a Student Therapist to assist) for what is called a multi-hands treatment session.


We usually find that treating the child with the symptom that requires assistance and the parent it has the closest bond to, is the ideal first step. Once this core unit is treated it is then possible to invite in the rest of the family and to tune into the family energetic system.


The cost for this speciality & highly recommended dual-therapist treatment session is currently €95 and takes place in our 'True Nature' Clinic in Monkstown Therapy Centre, 26 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.



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